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  • Can I make my commitment to Trojans Together a multi-year commitment?
    Absolutely! In fact, it’s one of the best ways to help Trojans Together plan for future NIL needs. You can pledge your donation amount for a period of up to three years. You can also execute a multi-year sponsorship agreement for up to three years. When the Collective knows your intent to support for multiple years, it can better plan for future NIL needs, expenses, and more effectively execute its mission to Build Communities, Empower Players, and Win Together. When you indicate your intent for multi-year support, the Collective will also increase your membership benefits by one level. Example: An individual or business committing to the CardiNIL Level ($25,000) but also agrees to a multi-year commitment at that level ($75,000 total giving), gets the benefits associated with the Elite Level.
  • How do I submit payment for my Trojans Together membership?
    You can submit payment for your Trojans Together Collective membership (Donor or Sponsor) through the JOIN link on the Collective website or you can mail a check to : Trojans Together 1305 S. Brundidge Street Suite A-259 Troy, AL 36081
  • What is NIL?
    Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) are three terms associated with a person’s “right of publicity.” In July of 2021, it was determined that student-athletes could profit from the publicity of their NIL. Previously, the NCAA had ruled that this was impermissible.’ NIL activities resulting in payment to student-athletes are called “deliverables.” These vary widely but common examples include post/re-posts and other “influencing” on social media, business endorsements, autographs, public and media appearances, advertising, volunteering with non-profit organizations and promoting their mission.
  • What is Trojans Together Collective?
    Trojans Together Collective is the official Troy University NIL entity formed to recognize and realize name, image, and likeness opportunities for TROY student-athletes. Building on the storied tradition of TROY Athletics, our mission is to Build Communities, Empower Players, and Win Together. Your membership in Trojans Together, whether through charitable giving or business sponsorship, assists athletes in accomplishing that mission and ensuring TROY Athletics maintains its leadership position and competitive legacy in the Sun Belt Conference and among Group of Five institutions across the country. The Collective is comprised of two revenue-generating arms and is, at its core, a membership organization. The first is a non-profit arm that accepts charitable gifts. Those funds are used to initiate NIL contracts with student-athletes who promote, enhance, and support the mission of area non-profit entities. The second is a for-profit arm that enters into sponsorship agreements with businesses and corporations for the use of student-athlete name, image, and likeness to market/advertise their business. Friends of Trojans Together decide which part of the Collective, charitable giving or business sponsorship, is the best fit and pays for its membership accordingly.
  • How is Trojans Together organized and structured for legal purposes?
    Trojans Together is the “umbrella” organization that is comprised of two separately organized legal entities. The first is a for-profit, limited liability corporation called CardiNIL Corporate, LLC. The second is a not-for-profit corporation called Red Wave Fund, Inc. Both entities are formed in accordance with Federal and State laws as well as IRS regulations where applicable. The Collective Officers (3) and a Board of Directors (5) to oversee its proper execution of its mission and oversee day-to-day operations. The Officers and Board members come from a diverse professional background including finance, legal, accounting, and multiple business owners/operators. Officers and Directors serve as unpaid volunteers.
  • Are gifts to Trojans Together Tax-Deductible?
    Consult with your tax advisor about the deductibility of charitable gifts to Trojans Together. The charitable giving arm of the Collective operates as the Red Wave Fund, Inc. and all gift acknowledgement letters will come from The Red Wave Fund. The Red Wave Fund, Inc has applied for 501(c)3 status with the US Internal Revenue Service.
  • What is the relationship between Trojans Together and Troy Athletics?
    Per NCAA guidelines, there cannot be a legal or entity-level affiliation between a University or its Department of Athletics and an NIL Collective. However, Collective’s can be designated as the “official Collective” of a Department of Athletics. This designation allows Athletics to promote and publicize the Collective and its interests and can allow for the use of University logos, marks, photos, etc as well as endorsements and appearances from coaches and administrators. Trojans Together is the “official” collective of TROY Athletics. Further, we characterize our relationship as a friendly partnership. Both TROY Athletics and Trojans Together exist to support the mission of student-athletes within the framework of intercollegiate athletics. We do that through different means and through different legal entities but stand side-by-side in our love for the TROY University family and our desire to see TROY Athletics and its student-athletes excel in the classroom, on the field or court, and in life.
  • What if I want to support Troy Student- Athletes but at a level less than the Silver ($5,000) Level of Trojans Together?
    There are three additional ways to support TROY student-athletes and Troy Athletics directly. Give one-time support amount of less than $5,000. Click here and enter the on-time amount you want to give. Enter your credit card or debit card and then complete your donation. Any gift less than $5,000 is not eligible for benefits. Buy Trojans Together Collective Merchandise - Our SHOP is provided by Trojan Threads
  • Who determines which student-athletes get NIL deals through the collective?
    One component of the oversight responsibilities of the Officers and Board of Directors of Trojans Together is to determine with which student-athletes it will partner for NIL deals. The Officers and Directors pride themselves on making decisions of this nature and have a strong pulse of the needs of athletes, businesses, and charities and how they can best work together in the context of NIL to mutually benefit from NIL deals.
  • How does the collective determine with which charities it will partner?
    Similar to determining which students to part with, the Officers and Directors of the Collective bear the ultimately responsibility for selecting high-quality and high-impact charities with which to partner. Because we are also partnering with student-athletes for their NIL, we solicit input from the student-athletes regarding charities they would like to support. Similarly, we also have ongoing relationships with partner charities who often provide us with input on student-athletes they believe fit best with their needs in a given scenario. We work diligently to ensure that we create NIL deals that provide the highest possible short and long-term impact for the charities and the constituents they serve.
  • Can the collective use NIL to help recruit athletes to Troy?
    No. It is impermissible to offer NIL deals as an inducement for enrollment to a prospect. It is also impermissible to make continued enrollment a condition of an NIL contract. As a principle, the Collective, it’s Officers, Directors, or representatives do not discuss enrollment with prospective student-athletes, their families, or their representatives.
  • What if I have more questions about TROJANS TOGETHER? Who can I contact?
    If you have more questions please contact one of the following individuals: CHUCK CARSON Co-Founder & President 334-372-7030 JASON JONES Co-Founder & Treasurer 334-268-1021



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